2020 Is GONE
20 dager siden
Joining The Navy
23 dager siden
I lost my best friend...
Minecraft Hardcore LIve
Uh oh...
Måned siden
Cyberpunk - pART 5
Måned siden
I actually hate this
Minecraft with Carson
Funny Gameshow Fails
I'm a Hypocrite... #exposed
Pewdiepie without context
Gym Fails is Hilarious!
Reviewing Memes With KSI
2 måneder siden
Update Vlog - LWIAY #00140
Man Got Catfished - TLC #14
A Horror With A Twist..
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Most Fun Horror Game IN YEARS
Nice Try KSI - Among us #6
Ending the Drama - LWIAY #00136
Among Us But I RAGE QUIT #4
You Laugh You Donate - YLYL #0071
Among Us But IQ is -500 // #3
Among Us but IQ is 600 // #2
Fall Guys: Live Hedgehog Edition!
Reacting To My Deepfakes..
Tambourine Tower to the Moon.
Μπατίλος Θόδωρος
Μπατίλος Θόδωρος 15 timer siden
Don't worry guys. PewDiePie posted on Instagram and said that he will return on 23/1 with Minecraft i think.
soshie 15 timer siden
does stop actually mean stop everything including youtube? 😳🥺 (missin pewds)
IAmRachel 15 timer siden
Never meet your heros 😣 poor kids lol
diego del rivero
diego del rivero 15 timer siden
probably the most aggravating video ive ever seen. anyone above the age of four would get pissed off if they watched this
Najm 15 timer siden
bruh that pizza or pie was hella dissappointing for the chef like damn Giving pewds food that has hair on it like damn
Shawna Riley
Shawna Riley 15 timer siden
Love this, thanks for sharing! Great tips/heads up - Do it because you enjoy making them and have fun doing it! Don't get so caught up in the #'s.
Gabe Is Here
Gabe Is Here 15 timer siden
Kibby Witz
Kibby Witz 15 timer siden
the last time Pewdiepie was relevant.
rasmus søhus-hartmann
rasmus søhus-hartmann 15 timer siden
David Cortese
David Cortese 15 timer siden
Nutella is so much better on pancakes, and you know it felix hahahaha love 4 u
hunterkiller 363
hunterkiller 363 15 timer siden
2020 was a great year for me
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 15 timer siden
Nilla Pysselfia
Nilla Pysselfia 15 timer siden
Let it go aircon, youre a maggot, Anna
Jason Martinez
Jason Martinez 15 timer siden
Hey peweiepie I don’t know if your going to see this but can you bring back cring Tuesday’s idk if people liked it but I did I don’t know but ya
TwT Uwu
TwT Uwu 15 timer siden
TwT Uwu
TwT Uwu 15 timer siden
Pewdiepie was passed by t siries
Bryani The Indian
Bryani The Indian 15 timer siden
This has more likes than the new Ariana agrandai new song
SSB_Builderman 15 timer siden
2 years later and i came back to visit.
Commander Craig Of the Default Army 14
Commander Craig Of the Default Army 14 15 timer siden
Bruh it's 8 HOURS
Cometz 15 timer siden
wow its nearly been 2 years already time fucking flies
ToughMC 15 timer siden
Lyxio 15 timer siden
A 15 timer siden
jailan louco
jailan louco 15 timer siden
jailan louco
jailan louco 15 timer siden
T Pose Scout
T Pose Scout 15 timer siden
Revive tf2 like you did to Minecraft
TTK4 15 timer siden
Actually he really deserves the break..
bacot bungul ae
bacot bungul ae 15 timer siden
why NOpost always serves me hindi, tamil, etc. videos:(
TheChill Gal
TheChill Gal 15 timer siden
I wasn't laughing at the jetpack fail I was laughing at the 69.
criptic_sodaYT 15 timer siden
I was 8 when I started watching pewdzz now I’m 69420 years old
OB Sabertooth
OB Sabertooth 15 timer siden
My channel is better
Sahana Nadiger
Sahana Nadiger 15 timer siden
+ another comment
Natun 4K
Natun 4K 15 timer siden
Yooooo! Where’s Felix?
CraftiestCactus 15 timer siden
T-series may be top but we all who really won.
Sidharth 15 timer siden
Fucking hell pewds bring this series back
Amanda Carrion
Amanda Carrion 15 timer siden
That’s the most wholesome Minecraft weeding ever, even virgin turtle was there
Marby Tubilla
Marby Tubilla 15 timer siden
He looks like Gerard way and I love it. I wish he can sing Helena lol
Henrik Arnold
Henrik Arnold 15 timer siden
66k views? Dead youtuber
Max Stenquist
Max Stenquist 15 timer siden
Anyone watching in 2021
Eduardo Ota
Eduardo Ota 15 timer siden
Dude I feel so bad every time you die.
Bridget Foley
Bridget Foley 15 timer siden
Irish people should make a whole new continent called Aussieland
Tiny Rick
Tiny Rick 15 timer siden
The decorous organ significantly happen because enemy individually check under a physical emery. hushed, cumbersome ceramic
Дмитрий Моисеев
Дмитрий Моисеев 15 timer siden
смотрю в 2021. лайк поставил )))
Daniel Krayniy
Daniel Krayniy 15 timer siden
Bandit 15 timer siden
Pewdiepie was the best when he played horror games but he's been subbed out with Cory x kenshin now
Oliver Ottmar
Oliver Ottmar 15 timer siden
this video proves the universe isnt just random
Jakers776 15 timer siden
Sub to SotisPlays
W B 15 timer siden
The fact that Karine didn't straight up reject this dude gives me hope. Maybe I should move to Brazil.
BathTime Nordstrom
BathTime Nordstrom 15 timer siden
I feel so dead rn. When will pewds go back
Dafwilliams06 15 timer siden
I have watched this so many times amazing
Head Click
Head Click 15 timer siden
shaders? name
Gta v Glitches
Gta v Glitches 15 timer siden
Just now known he was going away for 2 weeks
Esteps_ outdoors
Esteps_ outdoors 15 timer siden
Who’s here in 2021 January?
Puppy Monkey Baby
Puppy Monkey Baby 15 timer siden
I love seeing comments with more likes than the video
HeyItsPunker 16 timer siden
want to join sip smp?
noisme 16 timer siden
c o n g r a t s
kanda 16 timer siden
look at morgz mouth when he speaks💩
ChristineIzabelle SanJose
ChristineIzabelle SanJose 16 timer siden
your name i in amug us
Shaan Rajbhandari
Shaan Rajbhandari 16 timer siden
It’s been so long since I saw this lol
Sa ba
Sa ba 16 timer siden
وربي اني فاضيه اقول بس كم فلوس حصلت🦦💔
ChristineIzabelle SanJose
ChristineIzabelle SanJose 16 timer siden
In amug us
Cache Johnson
Cache Johnson 16 timer siden
Merry 2021
ChristineIzabelle SanJose
ChristineIzabelle SanJose 16 timer siden
My name hi
Fuzzy Frog
Fuzzy Frog 16 timer siden
How to trigger Pewds Cloths are not over size Pewds height is short
Jeremy Eras
Jeremy Eras 16 timer siden
At 5:33 you can see what the blank word was and btw the word is something that had to do with world war ll
Chump 16 timer siden
Now it’s PewDieSimp
ChristineIzabelle SanJose
ChristineIzabelle SanJose 16 timer siden
I play with you right now in amog us you real?
marlon figueroa
marlon figueroa 16 timer siden
16:49 fuuuuuuuuuuuuck
Jared Wolfdick
Jared Wolfdick 16 timer siden
America is the florida of the world.
Moises 16 timer siden
AL 288-1
AL 288-1 16 timer siden
Last time I watched pewdiepie was 7 years ago then
Madyn Grafton
Madyn Grafton 16 timer siden
Someone tell me how this has almost 900k dislikes... bastards.
Valhal Ruckus
Valhal Ruckus 16 timer siden
It's 2021... I think it's about time to give up hope for BigSimp Pewds to ever finish this underrated Masterpiece.
noisme 16 timer siden
Congratulations You saw this video Have a Brofist 👊
ChaosX112 OFFICIAL 16 timer siden
Saga Åkesson
Saga Åkesson 16 timer siden
i forgot elliot page was in this!!! :000
Ghost Andy
Ghost Andy 16 timer siden
1:27 me when online school started for the first time
ManBoy 16 timer siden
9:40 THATS A UVULA!!!!!
Some Idiot
Some Idiot 16 timer siden
The Ancestry thing literally said 44% African and 54% European if I'm not mistaken.
Seth Stubbs
Seth Stubbs 16 timer siden
Damn ur pc sucks
David Ambrose
David Ambrose 16 timer siden
Destruction 100
Jasnoor Singh
Jasnoor Singh 16 timer siden
is that a jacket brand tag i see (7:47) ...hmmmmmmmmmmm